03/31/2021 - California / General / General / Michigan

How to Transition from Your Current Job to being a Real Estate Agent

Written by Tessa Sims

Leaving a stable job or career can be a scary decision. Real estate agents can earn a significant income but the road to success means hard work and determination. Planning can make the transition go much more smoothly. 

Develop Your Skills 

Besides taking pre-licensing training, you’ll also benefit from training in areas like sales, marketing, and public speaking if you don’t already have those skills. There are many excellent free sales and marketing courses available from Brian Buffini , Mike Ferry , Tom Ferry and/or Inbound Marketing platform providers like Hubspot Academy or Lion Desk.   

Become comfortable using the telephone. Many people these days revert to text and email, but since things move quickly in real estate, the best practice is often to pick up the phone. Try rehearsing real estate scripts like these, from Zillow, with friends and family, or sign up for a local Toastmasters group to develop your public speaking skills. 

Read as much as you can about real estate topics, especially those relevant to the market and niche you’d like to work in. 

Plan for Your Transition 

Before you begin your new career, you’ll need to make some decisions.  

  • What kind of real estate are you interested in?  
  • Will you focus on commercial or residential transactions?  
  • Do you have a specific niche or type of client in mind?  

You can always change direction as your career progresses, but targets help you streamline your business activities in the beginning. 

Finances can be challenging for new agents. It takes time to earn your first commission and over time, most realtors have ups and downs in their earnings. If possible, save money to get you through the first few months. If you don’t have a budget in place, start now so you can be prepared lean times. 

Build Your Network 

Make business connections. You’ll need to know contractors, county planners, lawyers, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, etc., during transactions and they’ll make great referral sources too. 

Attend open houses in your area. You’ll get great bang for your buck as you get to know realtors you may work with in the future and learn about the properties and neighborhoods in the community. 

Get involved in your community. Not only does it feel good to help others, but it’s a great way to meet potential clients and build a reputation for yourself. 

Think about your sphere of influence. Write down every relative, friend, acquaintance, and business contact, and find their contact information. Even if they won’t purchase or sell, they may know someone who will. Inform everyone you know that you are going to be a real estate agent. 

Start building a social media following. Like, share, and create articles or videos that will be relevant to your potential clients. It’s not necessary to use all the platforms. Think about where your potential clients hang out and start there. 

Ease Your Way into a Real Estate Career 

Do you need the security of your current position until you have made some money in real estate or can you afford to go a few months without pay while you build your business? 

If you need to keep working in another field, you can study real estate and begin selling part-time. Your success may come more slowly but you may be able to do it without the debt and uncertainty that comes with switching suddenly.  

Jump into Real Estate with Both Feet 

If finances aren’t an issue, you may be able to go all in. You’ll need to learn as you go, and you might incur some debt but with more time to focus on your business, success may come more quickly. 

Whatever your current employment situation, tie up loose ends and finish strong. Be sure to leave on good terms as your current colleagues could easily become your future clients. 

Enroll in a Real Estate Training Course 

At Agent Real Estate Schools, your premier source for California Real Estate licensing, we offer flexible Group Study or independent (Fast-Track) learning options. Our in-class or online learning solutions will fit your schedule, even if you are transitioning from a full-time job. You’ll get all of the courses, practice exam questions, and instructor-led preparation you need to pass the state exam on the first try.  

Choosing a Broker 

You’ll need to choose whether to work with a brokerage or a team. If you have the contacts and the confidence to go it alone as an independent realtor, that’s great. Otherwise, consider joining a team where you can build confidence as you work with others who will inspire and encourage you along the way.  

At Agent Real Estate Schools, we’ll support you through the entire process. We’ve partnered with amazing brokerages and teams that can help you jumpstart your career. They will even reimburse you for your pre-license real estate training! Contact us today to find out more. To find out more about becoming a real estate agent, contact Agent Real Estate Schools. Reach us at (858) 329-0999 or email us at [email protected].