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In need of a trustworthy school to support you in the California real estate licensing process? We are here for you and happy to be of service!

Agent Real Estate Schools offers an inspiring and productive learning environment to equip your journey.

We provide a program rich pre-licensing course for online, interactive webinar, and in-class learning. 

With our customer service approach to the entire process you’ll never be wondering “what do I do next?” because we standby you as you take all your next steps! This includes the interview process while working with you to select the best brokerage to partner with in starting your career.

Ask us about Trusted Brokerage Partners in your area that we believe have the best NEW AGENT Training Programs for launching a new career in real estate sales!

How we work…..
We have partnerships with both brokerages and teams that are comitted to helping you jumpstart a real estate career after passing your exam. Come to us to find your fit, we help set up your interviews once you get your real estate license. By taking advantage of our partnerships your eligible for the 100% reimbursement program which means the Broker will pay for the full cost of your course from your first closing.

Brokerage vs. Mega Team

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Career Day

Your Starting Point to Success

Begin your new career, life, and future in real estate by attending a free career event unlike any other!

The world of real estate is an ever-changing industry. With a lack of the proper guidance, many people miss a glowing opportunity to become a licensed agent toward developing the fulfilling lifestyle they seek. Fortunately, that is why we are here! We strive to be an educational foundation for you and your future. Before you decide to enroll and begin your training, we highly encourage you to come say hello and find out more at our virtual Career Day event

What is it?

Career Day is a unique interactive discussion, led by licensed professionals who are more than enthused to share their years of experience with like-minded entrepreneurs like you! These live webinars are specifically designed to be welcoming and helpful to all individuals from every background. With a variety of dates and times we offer, you will find the best slot for your schedule and hopefully find your solution in us.

Why Real Estate?

If you’re pursuing a career change or desire an extra source of income, getting into real estate could be the solution you need! As a licensed agent, you’ll be essentially working for yourself! You will have the ability to set your own schedule, choose your own deals, operate in the area you want, and most importantly make a substantial living!

The beauty of all of this is that every student has different motivations for choosing real estate. Real estate is a massive industry that is suitable for skills of all kinds, techniques, and personalities. It is the foundation of success for everyone involved and could very well be the start of something very new and exciting for you!

Your Questions Answered

The offers of real estate are limitless! By attending one of our live webinars, you’ll be able to ask an assortment of questions and get immediate, honest responses to the following:

    • How many sales can expect in my first year?
    • What are the advantages of being an individual or a part of a team?
    • What training do I need before and after I get my license?
    • When can I start?

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and ask your own questions either, this is your time to discover how you can fit in the world of real estate.

Our Difference
Agent Real Estate Schools, Inc. is a student-centric premier source for pre-licensing courses per the requirements to sit for the California Real Estate License State Exam. Our approach to bundling course packages is with you in mind. You receive a live 1-Day Prep course, 1100+ state exam practice questions, and everything you need to be fully prepared to pass your state exam. Our instructors are actively working licensed real estate professionals with extensive teaching credentials who truly care about your success.

Choose Your Ideal Course Package

Fast Track

All Online Program

  • Real Estate Principles
  • Real Estate Practice
  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate Law
  • 1100+ online practice exam questions
  • 1-Day Prep “Live In-Class” or “Interactive Webinar” Course & Student Manual
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Group Study

Unlimited “Live In-Class” or “Interactive Webinar” Programs

  • Real Estate Principles
  • Real Estate Practice
  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate Law
  • 1100+ online practice exam questions
  • 1-Day Prep “Live In-Class" or “Interactive Webinar” Course & Student Manual
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1-Day Prep

“Live In-Class” or “Interactive Webinar” Programs

  • 12-Week Review of Group Study Content
  • Strategies to passing the state exam
  • Real estate terms and word glossary
  • 1100+ online practice exam questions
  • Student Manual
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Broker Course

All Options offered

  • Broker License Course
  • Continuing Education
  • Enrollment Extensions
  • Tutoring Services
  • Upgrade Options
  • and more...
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Features and Benefits

Career Day

Learn More about being a real estate agent.

Steps to Your License

100 Days to getting a real estate license.

Professional Development

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Study Tools

State Exam and Key Word Practice Questions, Student Manuals, Handouts

Live Interactive Webinars

Instructors navigate you through the Salesperson Courses via online live Instruction

Video & Audio

Video recorded sessions and coming soon Audio tutorials