05/26/2022 - California

Can You Be a Real Estate Agent Part-Time?

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Many people who want to work in real estate want to know if they can do so part-time. The answer is yes! Around 22% of real estate agents work part-time, and there are many legitimate reasons you might start with a part-time real estate job.  

You may have a full-time job but want to earn an extra income from being a real estate agent on the side. 

Maybe you are still in school or working towards an advanced degree and would like to do some real estate work on the side to help pay for your education. 

Perhaps you are considering house flipping and renovating but are not yet sure this business model will be suitable for you. As a result, you would like to learn more about it by starting as a part-time realtor first. 

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How Many Hours Do Part-Time Real Estate Agents Work? 

Becoming a real estate agent is less complicated than you might think, but being successful in the field is another story. It is certainly possible to get your license and practice part-time, but this usually means an inconsistent income. Typically, part-time real estate agents work 15 to 30 hours per week.  

Part-time agents are less likely than full-time agents to work by themselves. The reason is simple: most people choose to work at jobs where they can do well even if they are not there. Therefore, many part-timers choose jobs that involve teamwork or flexible scheduling to spend more hours each week focusing on other things besides work. 

What Is the Salary for a Part-Time Real Estate Agent? 

For some people, the dream of becoming a part-time real estate agent is not about making more money. They envision going on long vacations and still earning a commission when they land back home. However, to make a consistent income as a part-time real estate agent, there is a lot to do before you can even start making that income. 

Are you ready for the truth? Part-time real estate agent salaries vary widely, but the average part-time agent makes around $23.45 per hour. A full-time real estate agent at a brokerage firm makes around $50,000 annually (or about twice the average part-timer). You can make more than this if you are an exceptional salesperson or if your market is booming. 

Becoming Successful as a Part-Time Real Estate Agent 

Building a real estate career typically requires dedication to consistent hard work. You need to interact with people at their homes, sometimes showing them houses for several hours in one day, then write up contracts and negotiate prices for all those clients.  

For this schedule to work, you must also have plenty of time prospecting for new leads and managing your tren pills for sale relationships with past clients referat schreiben lassen, making sure they feel taken care of enough to call you again when they want to buy or sell another property. 

As we have said before, you do not need any special skills or education beyond having a high school diploma (or GED) and passing the licensing exams to get started as an agent aufsatz schreiben lassen. But if you are trying to juggle working part-time in real estate with another job or family needs — the odds are stacked against success. 

The Challenges of Working as a Real Estate Agent Part-Time 

One of the biggest challenges you will face as a part-time real estate agent is balancing your existing commitments with your new role powerpoint präsentation erstellen lassen. In addition, having a non-negotiable job or responsibility for taking care of children or family members is incredibly challenging.  

Another major challenge is juggling multiple clients at once. While it is critical all clients feel they are being given your full attention, this can be difficult when you are only devoting a small portion of each day to selling homes emerson gear. If possible, try not to take on more than two clients at once so you do not spread yourself too thin and frustrate everyone involved. 

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