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Are you ready to take your real estate education to class with this new learning experience in the real estate world?

Well, we have just the thing for you. For those who enjoy a live in-class lecture environment, interact directly with a top producing agent-instructor by enrolling in our flagship 12-week program we call Group Study.

The Advantage


Do you prefer an audio-visual-kinesthetic learning style, this hybrid program combines both convenient, online features and in-person components?  Then, we have the program for you!

You can access quizzes and exams easily through your student portal and get exclusive access to 2-hour live weekly classes. Treat yourself to the benefit of becoming a fully-immersed and attentive student by attending these interactive classes.

Learning real estate has never been easier. With our newly improved student portal, we provide students with user-friendly features that requires no technological expertise. On the go? No problem! Our system is compatible on most mobile devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. Access your course materials, take and pass quizzes and final exams with the simplicity of our portal.

What's included?


Price: $599
Everything you need to take the real estate license exam and more:

    Student Orientation and Private Facebook Forum

    3 DRE-Approved Courses

  • Real Estate Principles
  • Real Estate Practice
  • Legal of Aspect of Real Estate

    Choose either Physical OR Digital Textbooks

    12 Set of Student Manuals additional $75.00

    Online Live Instructor led 2-Hour Weekly Classes

    Access to Current and Past Webinar Recordings

    Online Unit Quizzes & Final Exams

  • Open Book Testing for all quizzes and final exams
  • Pass with a Score of 60% or Higher
  • Results Displaying Correct and Incorrect Answers with explanation and reasoning

    FREE 1-Day Prep Course for the State Exam

  • 8 hour In-Person Power Session includes access to past recordings
  • 1100+ State Exam Practice Questions
  • Keyword Terms Practice Questions
  • Student Manual with Fillable Fields and Answer Key
  • UNLIMITED Access to in-person Prep Classes for a $49 registration fee

Your Student Portal

Your student portal is your home for all the resources you will need throughout your real estate journey. Our mission is to make sure our learning system is as smooth and efficient for you as possible.

Getting STarted

Here you will find your Student Orientation and an invite to join our private Facebook Group.


An overview of your enrolled courses where you can review quiz results, access and print completion certificates.


Access enrolled and additional course options here where you will view your online textbooks, required course work with online quizzes and final exams.


Offers full access to Interactive Webinars held Saturday mornings, current and past webinar recordings, and sales training videos. This feature is available to Group Study students only.


View all upcoming Group Study and 1-Day Prep Course locations, dates, and times. RSVP for 1-Day Prep attendance when it comes time to taking the state exam. Let us know if you'd like to "Be Our Guest to any of our Group Study In-Class and/or Interactive Webinars.

DRE Application

Once you’ve completed your required courses this resource walks you through all your next steps for applying to the State of California for your salesperson license.


Reach out via email or chat if you need additional assistance in navigating your student portal. Locate FAQs here.


Your personal information, scheduled orders, payment plans and billing can be found here.

This could be your Virtual Classroom for the next 12 months, if you start today!

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Complete Your Real Estate License


135 hours of DRE-approved college level real estate courses that include unit quizzes and a pass rate of 60% or higher on final exams for proof of completion to submit your application for a Salesperson License are required by the State of California requires. Fortunately, our program offers three courses that fulfills all these requirements: Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate. 


Note: Each course requires a minimum 18 days of study 


Enrollment Expiration 


It can take as soon as 54 days to complete your courses! Now, this isn’t always the case as life can always get in the way and other responsibilities are prioritized. Fortunately, the DRE allows a maximum of 12 months, from the date of enrollment, to complete all real estate courses. Course completion includes taking and passing the course final exam with a score of 60% or higher before the course expiration. 

Course Description

Real Estate Principles

Textbook: California Real Estate Principles 10th Edition by Stapleton & Williams, © 2017 


DescriptionThis textbook is the most comprehensive introduction to the California real estate business. It will serve as an excellent introductory course for the new licensee. A highly readable portrait of the entire field, it covers every area of professional specialization, the intricacies of real property ownership and the fine points of the field. 



The Business of Real Estate Real Property Ownership Transferring Real Estate Encumbrances Agency Contracts Financing Real Estate Government Sponsored and Other Financing Escrow and Title Insurance Taxation Landlord and Tenant Appraising Residential Design and Construction Land Use Math Appendix Glossary Index

Real Estate Practice

Textbook: California Real Estate Practice 10th Edition by Anderson, Otto & Pivar, © 2016 
Description: Our latest edition of California Real Estate Practice offers practical how to information for the real estate salesperson and broker. Prospecting methods, sample "comp" presentations and the newest listing contracts and disclosure forms are only some of the features of this textbook. 
CONTENTS: Getting Started in Real Estate Ethics and Fair Housing Mandatory Disclosures Prospecting Listing Presentations Servicing the Listing Advertising The Buyer and the Property Showing Obtaining the Purchase Offer From Offer to Closing Real Estate Financing Escrow and Title Insurance Taxation Property Management and Leasing Glossary Index

Legal Aspects of Real Estate

Textbook: California Real Estate Law 10th Edition by Pivar & Bruss, © 2016 
Description: California Real Estate Law is an introduction to the vast body of law that governs real estate transactions in California. It will help you recognize situations in which legal counsel should be sought and help you understand rights and obligations under the law. 
CONTENTS: Nature and Cycle of California Real Estate Finance Money and the Monetary System Fiduciary Sources for Real Estate Finance Semi-fiduciary and Non-fiduciary sources for Real Estate Finance Conventional, Insured and Guaranteed Loans Federal and State Financial Regulations and Lending Programs Junior Real Estate Finance Contemporary Real Estate Finance Instruments of Real Estate Finance Real Estate Loan Underwriting Processing Real Estate Loans The Secondary Mortgage and Trust Deed Markets Defaults and Foreclosures Investment Financing Strategies Mathematics of Real Estate Finance Glossary Index 

How It works

Once you have received confirmation of your enrollment, your next step will be to complete a quick online Student Orientation to officially welcome you to your program. You will then be able to view structured quizzes that pertain to the lessons in your textbooks as well as your overall progress throughout each course.

Group Study is designed to be a freeform progressive course which allows you to drop-in at any time and get started on your coursework 12-week cycle. All the content is taught independent of each other. An example of this is if you start your 12-week cycle at the end of Real Estate Principles, you will complete your coursework cycle at the beginning of Real Estate Principles. Each student will be on their own Group Study schedule.

Note: The DRE requires a minimum of 18 days between final exams to complete all coursework.

Group study pre-licensing real estate course


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Be Our Guest

Free If you still haven’t decided whether this program is right for you, you’re invited to BE OUR GUEST. Drop by and visit a class near you as our guest to experience our unique learning environment. Benefit from this amazing opportunity and indulge in the following:

  • Meet the instructor
  • Interact with peers
  • Participate in discussions
  • Take notes
  • Ask questions


What if I’m ready to enroll?

If you’re ready for us, then we’re ready for you! You always welcome to attend a future Career Day, but until then, let’s embark your journey to success!

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