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Real Estate Principles


Real Estate Principles: $99

An excellent introductory course for the new licensee and a comprehensive portrait of the California real estate business! This course offers a readable portrait of the entire field covering every area of professional specialization and the intricacies of real property ownership including the fine points of the field.  

Real Estate Practice (SB1495 Compliant)


Real Estate Practice: $99

Our latest edition of Real Estate Practice 8E is DRE approved and includes the updated Fair Housing and Implicit Bias requirements and meets the interactive requirements for SB1495.

This book reviews prospecting methods, sample “comp” presentations, and the newest listing contracts and disclosure forms are only some of the features offered by this textbook!


Legal Aspects of Real Estate


Legal Aspects of Real Estate: $99

Not sure how to recognize situations in which legal counsel should be sought? Look no further than California Real Estate Law! This introductory course guides you through the vast body of law that governs real estate transactions in California.  

Real Estate Finance


Real Estate Finance: $99

Nothing lays out the ground work for understanding how real estate loans get made better than this clearly written introduction to the world of real estate finance in California. Tax law changes, Cal-Vet, FHA, VA guidelines, electronic loan processing, and other elements of the California mortgage industry are included. This course offers up-to-date coverage to further your success. 

Real Estate Economics


Real Estate Economics: $99

Little to no experience in formal economics? This is the book for you! California Real Estate Economics discusses complex subject matter in a way that is easy to read for the beginning real estate student. This course discusses economic theory relating to the real estate industry and emphasizes the factors that cause the most change within this exciting field. 

Real Estate Appraisal


Real Estate Appraisal: $99

With the ongoing changes in the appraisal industry, this new edition addresses their impact on real estate transactions and their practical application for appraisers, real estate professionals, lenders, and consumers. This a must-have for all new real estate students.

Property Management


Property Management: $99

This updated edition of Property Management holds all the tools you need for success in todays competitive and ever-changing environment! Inside you’ll find a complete offering of management techniques designed for a variety of properties — from apartment and office buildings to retail and industrial properties.

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