01/06/2021 - California

The Agent Real Estate Schools Difference

Written by Kristin Aroa

Deciding to pursue a real estate career, or any new career for that matter, can be overwhelming. It’s a leap into new responsibilities, a changed lifestyle, and maybe an unfamiliar routine. You may have mixed feelings of uncertainty and excitement, but that’s what comes with change! Nonetheless, a career in real estate can offer a variety of benefits that could factor into your new future. Whether you’re thinking of being a real estate agent as a full-time job, side-hustle, or even to improve your skillset, the long-term rewards are worthwhile. So what’s the first step in climbing the real estate ladder? Enroll in a real estate school!

In this new, digital age where technology and virtual communication is becoming the norm, online schooling is more popular than ever. Here at Agent Real Estate Schools, we provide a unique learning experience that supports your real estate journey from start to finish. We know that lounging in your pajamas at home isn’t the classic way to advance your education, but you’ll feel the Agent difference.

Here are 4 benefits to enrolling with us and being a part of the Agent Real Estate Schools (ARES) family:

1. Learn From Experienced Agent-Instructors

To maintain a traditional classroom setting, our Group Study program includes the courses you need to be a real estate agent as well as exclusive access to our live webinar classes. These are not pre-recorded, however they are recorded as they go live and are uploaded to a private playlist containing current and past lectures. This means that if you wanted to review a lecture you attended or watch a lecture you missed, you have these digital resources to help you stay on track.

Our instructors have been in real estate for countless years and have a history of accomplishments that qualifies them as a great mentor. Now, they dedicate themselves to passing on their knowledge and experience to potential agents like you. With classes like ours that are engaging and interactive, you will not only fulfill your necessary studies, but also thrive as a virtual student!

If you’re interested in a program that has the benefits of Group Study without access to our live classes, check out our Fast Track program for a quick and self-paced way to complete your coursework.

2. Our Support Team is Your Shoulder to Lean On

For some, online learning is not preferred and to others, it’s the easier method to take. When you enroll, you have access to your own student portal that comes with tools and video guides to help you feel comfortable with our online learning system. Regardless, you may have a lot of questions or need immediate solutions to any problem regarding your experience, big or small. That is where our support team comes in!

If anywhere along the way you experience a technical issue or have a concern regarding your course progress, simply connect with us and we’ll be there to figure it out. We believe it’s very important that when taking on a new challenge, such as pursuing a real estate career, you get the responsive attention you need if you feel lost or confused at any time. No more wondering “What’s next?” when you have the ARES team ensuring that your problems are addressed and taken care of.

3. Fully Prepare for the State Exam with 1-Day Prep

After you complete your pre-license courses, your final step before becoming a licensed salesperson is taking and passing the State Exam. Even though you’ll learn a lot from the courses to feel prepared, you’ll most likely need an exam crash course like our 1-Day Prep to strengthen that confidence. At no extra cost, our 1-Day Prep is automatically included in your package when you purchase our Fast Track or Group Study program.

The State Exam will include questions that are extremely tedious to study in a short amount of time. Instead of reading all your textbooks a 2nd and 3rd time, our 1-Day Prep is a full-day experience that is designed to help our students cover the most common topics found on the State Exam. Complete with 1100+ Prep Questions, unlimited access to our live webinar sessions, and an exclusive student manual, you’ll be ready to pass the State Exam the first and only time.

4. Get 100% Reimbursed on Your Program

Sounds to good to be true, right? Try not to doubt this opportunity because we’re here to tell you that whether you enroll in Fast Track, Group Study, or 1-Day Prep, you may be eligible in being reimbursed 100% of the total cost. Of course, no sweet deal can be real without a few terms and conditions and we’re happy to break it down for you.

Let’s say you enroll with ARES, complete your courses, pass the State Exam, and become a shining, new real estate agent. It’s now time to find a broker to join. While we partner with many brand-name real estate offices across California, you are not obligated to join any of those offices after you’re licensed. In fact, which broker to join as a new-coming agent is entirely your choice and one of the most critical factors in jumpstarting your career. However, if you do decide to join an office or brokerage we partner with and make your first closing on a sale, the cost of your program will be 100% reimbursed back to you. This is an ideal gateway towards getting your foot in the door and networking with top-leading agents.

If reading this far has made you a little excited about our school, there’s a high chance that we will be a notable foundation towards your future successes. However, if you’re still unsure of what real estate has in store for you, you’re more than welcome to sign up for our Career Day! Facilitated by an experienced agent, this free, live webinar provides you valuable insight into the world of possibilities in real estate. It is an interactive event where you get your burning questions answered and find out how you can find your calling in the industry.

Real estate has more meaning beyond selling houses and is known to be a second home to thousands of agents in the business. If you’re ready for us, then we’re ready for you. Let’s start 2021 off right by connecting with us to discuss your next steps. To find out more about becoming a real estate agent, contact Agent Real Estate Schools. Reach us at (858) 329-0999 or email us at [email protected].