In order to practice real estate in the state of California, it requires holding a license and being under the supervision of a licensed broker. A license may also be obtained by a person who does not immediately intend to be employed by a broker.


However, a salesperson without an employing broker may not perform acts requiring a real estate license. 


Technically, it is an easy 1-2-3 step process to become a licensed real estate salesperson. Perhaps that is why there are between 1000-2000+ people1 every month obtaining their license. But to become a SUCCESSFUL real estate agent, it takes a little more soul-diving.  


Real estate is not for everyone. In fact, the statistics show it: 75% of real estate agents quit within their first year and 87% are out within just 5 years. In other words, only 13% make a career out of real estate.  


For outsiders looking in, real estate seems like such a high-paying, fun and easy job. You go around looking at houses all day, right? Not quite. 


Before you dive into the classes, ask yourself these five questions: 

1) Am I passionate about meeting and helping people? (Even difficult ones) 

2) Do I enjoy selling, marketing, and advertising? (this will comprise a good portion of your time) 

3) Do I have enough funds in reserve to pay for living and business expenses for a minimum of 6-12 months? (Remember, you are self-employed, so there are no benefits, insurance, paid time off, etc.) 

4) Am I self-motivated? In other words, will I keep going when the going gets rough? (not give up) 

5) Am I a good multi-tasker with above-average time management skills? 


If the answer to all five of these questions is a resounding “YES!” then chances are you’ll be an excellent real estate agent.  


To get started in obtaining your real estate salesperson license, you must first qualify for and pass a written examination.


To qualify for the exam, you must show proof of education, which is available to you through Agent Real Estate Schools, Inc. We even have free Interactive Webinars to help you figure out if this is the right path for you. Sign Up today!