Florida State Required Broker Licensing Hours: 72 hours 
Agent Real Estate Schools Florida Course Hours Offered: 72 hours 

Step 1: Meet all the state’s requirements as outlined by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation – Division of Real Estate

They include: 

  • You must be 18 years of age and above 
  • You must have a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) 


Step 2: Meet the experience requirements. For example, if you held a valid real estate broker's license for at least 24 months during the preceding 5 years in any other state in the United States, you must show proof of this. 

Step 3: Submit current certification of license history from your state. 

Step 4: Complete 72-hour pre-license education for brokers. 

Step 5: You must successfully pass the licensing exam, earning a score of 75% or higher. 

Step 6: You must submit your fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for a background check.  

Step 7: Submit your application

Step 8: Complete the 60-hour broker post-licensing course. 

Note: You may be exempt from showing experience if you hold a 4-year degree, or higher, in real estate. 

Which license is right for you? The difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker is based on years of experience and education. Firstly, a real estate salesperson must be sponsored by a licensed broker. A broker can work for themselves and hire agents to work for them. Becoming a real estate broker requires completing additional coursework and working a minimum of two years as a real estate agent. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Florida Broker License?

The time taken to get a Florida broker license varies, depending on the pace in which you complete the 72 hours of education and pass your licensing examination, the time it takes you to complete the application process, and application and background check processing times and the time it takes you to complete 60-hour broker post-licensing course. Please keep in mind you must meet the experience requirements.  

What Kind of Information Will I Learn to Help Me Get a Real Estate License in Florida?

Once you complete your courses, you are eligible to sit for the Florida Broker License Exam.  
You have 1 year from the start date to complete the 72-hour coursework for broker course. According to the Florida Division of Real Estate a minimum grade of 75% is required to pass the final exam. If you fail the final exam, you must wait 30 days to retest.

Note: You will only be allowed two attempts at the final exam. If you fail the exam twice you will be required to re-enroll in the course, and you will need to go through the entire course again to take the final exam. The course completion is good for 2 years from the date of completion. 

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Broker License in Florida? 

Becoming a real estate broker in Florida requires time and money but is very rewarding. An aspiring broker will spend up to $536 to get their license. 
How these costs break down:  

  • Coursework can run up to $350.   
  • Exam fees run $36.75.  
  • Application fees for a broker cost $91.75. 
  • Required fingerprints will cost $57.25.  

Real Estate License Reciprocity 

Yes, Florida does have reciprocity with certain states.  
These states are:   

  • Alabama  
  • Arkansas  
  • Connecticut  
  • Georgia  
  • Illinois  
  • Mississippi  
  • Nebraska  
  • Rhode Island  


Out-of-state residents are required to:   

  • Must be 18 years of age and hold a high school diploma or its equivalent. 
  • Must not be a resident of Florida at time of application. 
  • Have met the education and examination requirements of the state with which Florida has mutual recognition.


Each licensee who applies for Florida licensure from a state or jurisdiction that has a current reciprocity agreement with Florida must pass a written Florida-specific real estate law and be required to complete 45 hours of post-license education for Sales Associates and 60 hours for Brokers, prior to your initial expiration date listed on your Florida license.  

What Experience Is Required to Obtain a Florida Broker License?

As a broker applicant, you are required to show proof of one of the following: 

  • If you held a valid real estate broker's license for at least 24 months during the preceding 5 years in any other state in the United States. 
  • If you have been registered as an active sales associate for at least 24 months during the preceding 5 years under one or more brokers  
  • If you held a valid real estate sales associate's license for not less than 24 months during the preceding 5 years while working under a governmental agency for a salary and performing the duties authorized in Chapter 475, F.S. 

How Do I Apply for and take the Florida Broker Licensing Exam?

The broker exam must be taken through the Florida Division of Real Estate. The state requires that you achieve a score of 75% or higher to pass. Agent Real Estate Schools offers a Broker Licensing Course.  
The examination is delivered by Pearson Vue. You can visit their website learn more if you need more information on where to find a location near you to set up your exam once the application has been approved by the DBPR. The Candidate Information Booklet is a useful source to help guide you through the examination process.  

You will need to complete a Broker Examination Application and submit it along with the required fee and transcripts showing successful completion of the statutory college-level real estate courses.  

After you complete the 63-hour pre-license course, you must apply to the Florida Division of Real Estate (DRE) for authorization to take the state licensing exam. 

Once your application is approved, you will receive an Authorization Letter from PearsonVUE, the state testing center which administers the exam. 

Once you receive your Authorization Letter, you can then schedule your state exam by calling Pearson VUE at (888)204-6289 or go online at https://home.pearsonvue.com/fl/realestate.  

How Do I Submit My Fingerprints for The Background Check?

As an applicant for your real estate broker license, you must submit one set of fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) approved Livescan Service Provider. 
You are required to submit the fingerprints at least 5 days before submitting your application for licensure. This is important because it gives FDLE enough time to process your fingerprints and submit the results to the Department. 
Note: If your fingerprint results are not received by the Department at the time your application is being processed, your application will be deemed incomplete. 

How Do I Submit My Florida Broker Application?

Applicants can submit their real estate license application through the DPBR Online Services portal. To complete the application using the online service, you must first set up your online account and link your current sales associate license to the account. Once that is complete, the broker application will be available. 

Florida Broker License Renewal

Florida broker license renewal date is between 18 and 24 months after you receive your initial Florida broker license. 

You will be required to complete 14 hours of continuing education to renew you real estate broker license. 
They include:  

  • 3 Hours Florida Core Law 
  • 3 Hours Real Estate and Business Ethics  
  • 8 Hours Specialty Credit 

Does Florida Require Post-Licensing Education for Brokers?

Florida real estate brokers are required to complete a 60-hour post-licensing course after successfully passing the broker licensure exam. You must earn a score of 75% or better to pass the final exam for post-licensing exam according to the Florida Division of Real Estate. 
Note: You will be allowed to attempt the exam twice. If you fail the final exam on two separate occasions, you will need to re-enroll and begin the whole process again. 

Special Considerations

Obtaining Certificate of Course Completion: Upon completion of the course, you will be provided an electronic certificate of completion which can be found in the “my courses” tab in your student portal. Next to each completed course you will find an icon for the course completion certificate. 

You will be required to submit your certificate of completion with your license request, please refer to your license application to determine if this is necessary.

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation – Division of Real Estate 
Website: http://www.myfloridalicense.com/DBPR/real-estate-commission/ 
Phone: 850-487-1395 
Fax: 850-488-8040 
Address: 400 West Robinson Street, N801, Orlando, FL 32801 
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