When deciding to pursue a career as a real estate agent, it is important to understand the necessary skills and requirements needed to be successful in real estate. Real estate licensing requirements vary state by state. To find the information for your specific state, choose your state from the State Licensing Requirements tab on our FAQ’s where you can find everything you need to know, plus useful links for additional resources. You can also contact your state licensing commission for specific and well detailed requirements. 

Generally, to get a license in real estate you must be a legal US citizen. Your state will likely require that you be at least 18 years old (19 or 21 years in some states) to become a real estate agent. Also, all states have a required pre-licensing education requirement you must complete to qualify to take the state exam. After you complete the pre licensing education requirement, you can proceed to take your sate’s real estate license examination. If you pass the exams, you will be required to find a brokerage to hold your license. You will also be required to renew your license. In some states, renewal of license takes place every two to three years while other states require you renew every year. 

It’s important to enroll in an accredited school, licensed in your state. You can enroll for your pre-licensing course with us at Agent Real Estate Schools. We make it easy and affordable for aspiring agents to earn their license from anywhere and anytime. Our courses have been specifically designed to make it easy to access and digest the state required information, so that you can pass the test with ease.  

If you’re interested in getting enrolled, or would like to attend our, free Career Day event, contact us at (858) 329 - 0999 or info@agentrealestateschools.com to begin your journey with us today.