Tennessee State Required Pre-Licensing Hours: 90 hours  
Agent Real Estate Schools Tennessee Course Hours Offered: 90 hours  

Step 1: To qualify for a real estate license (Affiliate Broker) in Tennessee, you must meet all the state’s requirements as outlined on the Tennessee Real Estate Commission website. 

They include: 

  • You must be 18 years of age and above 
  • You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED) 
  • You must be a resident of Tennessee for at least 45 days 


Step 2: Complete and show proof of completion of an approved 60 hours of pre-licensing courses before sitting for the PSI Exam. 

Step 3: Pass the State and National portions of real estate licensing examination, earning a score of at least 70%. 

Step 4: Submit electronic fingerprint report. 

Step 5: You will need to be sponsored by a licensed Tennessee real estate broker. Are you curious about how to choose the right broker for you?   

Step 6: You will be required to obtain proof of Errors and Omissions Insurance. 

Step 7: Complete 30-hour New Affiliates course before applying for a license. 

Step 8: Apply for your Tennessee Affiliate Broker license. 


How Long Does It Take to Get a Tennessee Real Estate License?

It varies per person how long it takes to get the license; depending on fast you can complete the approved 60 credit hours of education. It also depends on the time it takes you to complete the application process, find a sponsoring broker, complete background check, application processing times and the time it takes to complete the 30-hour New Affiliates course. 


What Will I Learn to Help Me Get a Real Estate License in Tennessee?

All courses are approved by Tennessee Real Estate Commission. Once completed you are eligible to sit for the Tennessee Affiliate Broker Licensing Exam. 
Once you start the education course at Agent Real Estate schools, our policy is that you complete the 90-hour salesperson pre-licensing course within 1 year of the start date. 
The required courses within the 90 hours include:  

  • Real estate principles/fundamentals 
  • New Affiliates course 

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Tennessee?  

Becoming a real estate agent in Tennessee requires time and money but is very rewarding. An aspiring agent will spend up to $800. 
How these costs break down:  

  • Pre-licensing exam coursework can run up to $599. 
  • Exam fees run $43.  
  • License fees for an agent cost $91.  
  • Required fingerprints will cost $35.  


Real Estate License Reciprocity 

If you are nonresident and you wish to apply for a Tennessee license, there are a few steps you need to take.  

Out-of-state residents are required to:  

  • Send TREC ([email protected]) this completed worksheet
  • Send TREC ([email protected]) a “Certified License History” from all the states where you hold or have held a real estate license. Upon review of your request, TREC will notify you of your examination requirement(s).  
  • Provide proof of passing a written examination administered by a national testing company (PSI, ACT, ETS, NAI, AMP, all ARELLO certified examinations) if you are requesting a waiver of the general (national, uniform) section of the Tennessee examination. (The examination must be for the same level of licensure for which you are currently applying.) 
  • Complete a non-resident firm application if applicable. 


If you hold or have held a real estate license in another state and are now resident of Tennessee, you may still qualify under Tennessee statute to have your real estate education, the national portion of the exam and/or your experience (if applying for a broker license) substitute for Tennessee’s education, national portion of the examination and/or experience.  

Out-of-state residents are required to:  

  • Send TREC ([email protected]) this completed worksheet.  
  • Send TREC ([email protected]) a “Certified License History” from all the states where you hold or have held a real estate license. Upon review of your request, TREC will notify you of your examination requirement(s).  
  • Enclosing the following documents with “Worksheet A” may expedite the evaluation of your request: 
  • Certificates showing completion of pre-license education 
  • Certificates showing completion of continuing education 
  • Electronic Fingerprinting 


Note: It is important to note that the firm and principal broker where you are affiliated must also hold an active Tennessee real estate license. 


Can You Apply for a Tennessee Real Estate License Online?

No, you can’t apply online but you can find all applications and requirements here


How Do I Apply for and take the Tennessee Affiliate Broker Licensing Examination?

The affiliate broker exam must be taken through PSI as they conduct the Tennessee state license exam. The state requires that you achieve a score of 70% or higher to pass. To be eligible for the licensing examination, you must submit an online application to the testing company PSI and meet the requirements. 

Once you have completed all the application processes, you can submit to PSI so they can approve eligibility for testing. Once approved PSI will mail an “Approval Postcard” with instructions on how to pay and schedule the exam. Log onto PSI’s website www.psiexams.com or call 1-855-340-3710 to pay for and schedule your examination. 

How Do I Submit My Fingerprints for The Background Check?

As an applicant for your real estate license, you must submit one set of fingerprints. 
The Tennessee commission requires you submit your fingerprints and attach a copy of the receipt for electronic fingerprint submission to the affiliate broker application. 

Applicants will need to make an appointment with IndentoGO® who will transmit the applicant’s fingerprints to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for processing. For more Information on how to go about the process, visit here


How Do I Submit My Tennessee Affiliate Broker Application?

You must apply for your license at https://core.tn.gov  and this must be done within six months of passing the licensing examinations. You will need to attach some documents while applying for your license. 

They include: 

  • Proof of completion of your pre-license education 
  • Receipt for electronic fingerprint submission 
  • Proof of completing Eligibility Verification 
  • Proof of errors and omissions insurance coverage 
  • Proof of Payment of all appropriate fees 


Tennessee Real Estate License Renewal  

Tennessee real estate licenses are good for 2 years. Renewal fees will run you $75. 


Does Tennessee Require Post-Licensing Education?  

Tennessee real estate agents who are renewing their licenses or filing for a late renewal must complete 16 hours of approved continuing education coursework.  


Special Considerations

Obtaining Certificate of Course Completion: Upon completion of the course, you will be provided an electronic certificate of completion which can be found in the “my courses” tab in your student portal. Next to each completed course you will find an icon for the course completion certificate.  
You will be required to submit your certificate of completion with your license request, please refer to your license application to determine if this is necessary. 
Tennessee Real Estate Commission 
Website: https://www.tn.gov/commerce/regboards/trec.html 
Phone: 615-741-2273 
Fax: 615-741-0313 
Address: 500 James Robertson Pkwy, Nashville, TN 37243 
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