A proctored state exam is an exam that is monitored by a proctor, a designated individual certified to monitor state examinations. This is just to make sure students do not cheat. Most states use a third-party testing provider to monitor these state exams.

They include: 

  • Alabama 
  • Georgia 
  • New York 
  • Nevada 
  • Pennsylvania 


These states require you include a proctor to monitor your final examination and so you will need to locate a valid proctor and submit a proctor form to take your final exam. 

Others still administer the test themselves at specific places in the state. Proctoring of real estate license exam depends on the state you are in. If your state decides to hire a proctor to monitor your online exams, you are always asked permission before allowing a proctor to have remote access to your computer and you still have ultimate control because you can override that the proctor is doing. 

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