Nevada State Required Pre-Licensing Hours: 120 hours 
Agent Real Estate Nevada Course Hours Offered: 120 hours 

Step 1: Meet the state’s requirements as outlined on the Nevada Real Estate Division website. 
They include: 

  • You must be 18 years old and above 


Step 2: Complete the required 120-hour pre-licensing course at an institution approved by the Nevada Real Estate Division. 
Step 3: Register and pass the licensing exam by earning a score of 75% or higher 
Step 4: Submit your fingerprints and pass a criminal background check. 
Step 5: You must obtain sponsorship from a Nevada state licensed broker. Are you curious about how to choose the right broker for you?  
Step 6: Submit your application for a Nevada real estate license. Be sure to follow the application procedures required by NRED. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Nevada Real Estate License?

It can vary from person to person depending how fast you can complete the required 120 hours of pre-licensing courses. Most students take between 3 – 4 months to get their courses while others complete them in 30 days. You must pass your licensing exam as well as completing the application process, finding a sponsoring broker, and the application processing times are also a factor. 

What Kind of Information Will I Learn to Help Me Get a Real Estate License in Nevada?

All Agent Real Estate Schools’ Courses are approved by Nevada Real Estate Division. Once completed, you are eligible to sit for the Nevada Real Estate License Exam.  
Agent Real Estate Schools gives a window of 6 months from the start date to complete the 120-hour pre-license coursework. 
The required courses within the 120 hours include: 

  • Real Estate Principles (45 hours or 3 college credits) 
  • Real Estate Law (45 hours of 3 college credits) 
  • Must include 18 Hours Nevada Law. 
  • Contracts in Real Estate Transactions (15 hours or 1 college credit) 
  • Agency (15 hours of 1 college credit) 
  • Must include 3 hours of foundation of relationship between broker and agents and 3 hours of risk reduction. 


Note: The state requires that your course final exam be proctored. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a proctor in advance of your course final exam. 

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Nevada?

Becoming a real estate agent in Nevada requires time and money but is very rewarding. An aspiring agent will spend up to $880. 
How these costs break down:  

  • Pre-licensing exam coursework can run up to $599.  
  • Exam fees run $100 per attempt   
  • License fees for an agent cost $140 
  • Required fingerprints will cost $40.25  

Real Estate License Reciprocity 

Yes, Nevada offers reciprocity with select states. Nevada currently has a semi-reciprocal agreement with several states. These agreements are only associated with transferring to another state as a real estate agent or salesperson role. It does not extend to becoming a real estate broker or broker-salesperson in Nevada. 
They include:  

  • Arizona 
  • Colorado  
  • Delaware 
  • Idaho 
  • Kentucky 
  • Minnesota 
  • Texas 
  • Utah 
  • West Virginia


Out-of-state residents are required to: 

  • Provide an original license history dated within 90 days of application submission date. 
  • Provide proof of Nevada state and general licensing exam passing scores within the 12 months before the application submission date. 
  • Fingerprint verification form issued by an approved Fingerprint Vendor. 
  • Submit the notarized “Consent to service of process.” 

Can You Apply for a Nevada Real Estate License Online? 

The simple answer is no, you cannot apply for you Nevada real estate license online. You must mail in your application along with submitting some required documents and a check to the Nevada Real Estate Division. 

How Do I Apply for The Nevada Real Estate Licensing Exam? 

Nevada has contracted with PearsonVUE to administer the exam. The exams must be done in person and are given in 3 locations by appointment only. 
Exams are offered in three cities in Nevada:  

  • Las Vegas 
  • Elko 
  • Reno 


To schedule your exam, visit You can also opt to schedule your exam by calling (888) 248-8055. 
Note: Fees paid to the NRED do not include the exam fee. The exam fee must be paid separately to Pearson VUE. Exams must be done in person and given by appointment only. 

How Do I Submit My Fingerprints for The Background Check?

As an applicant for your real estate license, you are required to submit fingerprints and complete a background check. 
You must submit the fingerprint card with a cashier’s check or money order for $40.25 made payable to the “Department of Public Safety” or a verification form issued by an approved Fingerprint Vendor. Visit here to find authorized fingerprinting vendor. 
Note: Vendors may charge an additional fee for their fingerprinting services. 

How Do I Take the Nevada Real Estate Licensing Exam?

Pearson VUE administers the Nevada Salesperson licensing examination. You will need to visit to make an online reservation for an examination. 
The exam is in two portions: 

  • The National portion (80 questions must be completed within 150 minutes) 
  • The State portion (40 questions must be completed within 90 minutes) 

Note: If you pass one portion of the exam and fail the other, you need to retake only the failed portion and it must be completed within a year.  

How Do I Submit My Nevada Real Estate License Application?

You are required to apply for your salesperson license within 12 months of passing the exam.  
You will need Form549 to submit your application alongside some items which includes: 

  • Proof of pre-license education. 
  • Original passing score of your exam from Pearson VUE dated within the last year. 
  • Original Fingerprint Verification Form. 
  • Nonresident applicant must provide original license history form the jurisdiction they are licensed. 
  • Applicants are also required to complete the waiver form attached to the application. 


Note: Include the $125 license application fee, payable to the Nevada Real Estate Division check or money order. Any in person credit card transactions will have a 2% convenience fee. 

Nevada Real Estate License Renewal

Nevada real estate licenses are good for one year. Renewal fees will run you $195 annually.  
Find your renewal application here

Does Nevada Require Post-Licensing Education?  

Nevada real estate agents who are renewing for the first time must complete 30 Hours Post-Licensing of modules A-O. Proof of completion MUST be submitted to the Division. 
Nevada real estate agents who are not renewing for their licenses for the first time must complete 36 hours of approved continuing education coursework.  
The required courses within the 36 hours include: 

  • 3 hours Agency 
  • 6 hours Contracts 
  • 3 hours Ethics 
  • 3 hours Law & Legislation 
  • 3 hours Risk Reduction 
  • 18 hours of General  

Special Considerations

Obtaining Certificate of Course Completion: Upon completion of the course, you will be provided an electronic certificate of completion which can be found in the “my courses” tab in your student portal. Next to each completed course you will find an icon for the course completion certificate.  
You will be required to submit your certificate of completion with your license request as it is required by NRED 
State of Nevada Real Estate Division 
Phone: (702) 486-4033 
Fax: (702) 486-4275 
Address: 3300 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 350, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102