Getting your fingerprints done is one of the requirements for having a real estate license and they are required by each state although instructions vary from state to state. After completing a course and passing the exams at an accredited real estate school like Agent Real Estate Schools, you will be required to get your fingerprints done and a background check completed before you can qualify for a real estate license. 

Fingerprint requirements and instructions will vary by state. We recommend that you refer to your course documents, which will contain specific information, requirements, and instructions for your state. 

If you have completed your course work and are waiting to take your state exam, we offer a preparation course called Prep Practice. Prep Practice is designed as a drop-in web class for existing students that need a little extra preparation powering through the 1100+ Practice Questions & Key Word Term Practice Questions already included in their enrollment packages. The instructor leads this web class by discussing the rationale behind each multiple-choice question and Key Word Term to boost knowledge confidence in preparation of the state exam. 

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