For someone who has a conviction or criminal record, getting a real estate license might be challenging however, it is quite possible depending on various factors. Each state has its own rules and policies, but if you meet some basic requirements, you can get a real estate license. Some states are more lenient when dealing with convicted felons while others are not. Some states might consider your application two to five years after you’ve completed the sentence. If the felony is more serious, you might have to wait for ten years or more. On the other hand, some states are uncompromising, so they make it difficult for anyone with a felony conviction to obtain a real estate license.

These states include: 

  • Georgia 
  • Arizona 
  • Michigan 
  • California 


However, no states automatically disqualify people with past felonies or misdemeanors from earning a real estate license, but you must apply for a waiver or approval from the state's real estate commission. It is always best to come clean about past criminal record(s) as most states require background check or criminal history report as part of your application. If you decide to lie or refuse to admit to being a past felon, you can be rejected or have your real estate license revoked later. Transparency and honesty show your state's commission that you can be trusted, and this can go a long way to demonstrate that you truly deserve a chance in the real estate industry.  

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