Arkansas State Required Pre-Licensing Hours: 60 hours 
Agent Real Estate Schools Course Hours Offered: 60 hours 

Step 1: To qualify for a real estate license (Salesperson) in Arkansas, you have to meet all the state’s requirements. To start with, you have to meet the state’s Salesperson Pre licensing Education requirement as outlined on the Arkansas Real Estate Commission website

They include: 

  • You must be 18 years of age and above 
  • You must be a legal US citizen


Step 2: You must successfully complete 60 hours of pre-licensing education from an accredited school licensed by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission.  

Step 3: Submit a salesperson application to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. 

Step 4: You must receive an approval from the Arkansas Real Estate Commission for you to be able to sit for the exam. 

Step 5: You are required to pass the licensure exam with a score of at least 70%. 

Step 6: You will need to undergo a criminal background check

Step 7: You will need to send the required documents and fees to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. This should be no later than 90 days after passing the examination. 

Step 8: You are required to complete 18 hours of post-licensing education by the end of your 6 months after licensing. Visit Post-license Education for more information. 

Note: You can submit your application to the AREC prior to completing your pre-license course, however the AREC will only issue your Certificate of Eligibility for Examination after the application and education certificate are received. 


How Long Does It Take to Get an Arkansas Real Estate License?

On the average, it takes about few months to complete an Arkansas real estate license. It also varies per person on how long it takes to get the license depending on fast you can complete the 60 hours of pre-licensing courses and pass your licensing examination. It also depends on the time it takes you to complete the application process and post-license course, and application processing times. 


What Will I Learn to Help Me Get a Real Estate License in Arkansas?

All courses are approved by Arkansas Real Estate Commission. Once completed, you are eligible to sit for the Arkansas Real Estate License Exam.  
The required courses within the 60 hours include:  

  • Arkansas License Law 
  • License Law and Math 
  • National Ownership 
  • National Brokerage 
  • National Finance 
  • National Valuation


How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Arkansas?  

Becoming a real estate agent in Arkansas requires time and money but is very rewarding. An aspiring agent will spend up to $895. 
How these costs break down:  

  • Pre-licensing exam coursework can run up to $599. 
  • Application fee and Criminal Background check & FBI check fees run $86.25.  
  • Exam testing fee of $75.  
  • License activation fee $75.  
  • Continuing Education course fees can run $59.


Real Estate License Reciprocity

Arkansas does offer reciprocity with other states, however there are a few requirements which must be met to qualify to sit for the Arkansas Law portion of the exam. 
Out-of-state residents are required to:  

  • Pass the uniform, general, or multi-state part of an exam for a real estate license in another state in which the exam meets the generally acceptable standards of real estate testing as determined by the Arkansas Real Commission. 
  • The other state has a minimum required passing grade no lower than 70%. 
  • The applicant is already licensed in their (or another) state at the time of taking the Arkansas examination. 


Note: A real estate salesperson applicant currently licensed in another state and seeking licensure in Arkansas may request a waiver of the national portion of the examination. For more information on reciprocal states, visit  


How Do I Submit My Fingerprints for The Background Check?

As a real estate license applicant, you are required to complete a criminal background check. The Arkansas state Police conducts the criminal background check on the applicant, and they do this by taking fingerprints then submitting the report to the commission. 

Note: For a non-resident applicant, you will need to submit requests to both state and federal agencies for background checks using an applicant fingerprint card. 


How Do I Apply for & take the Arkansas Salesperson Licensing Examination?

The state requires that you achieve a score of 70% or higher to pass. Registration and scheduling for the exam can be found on Pearson Vue and the salesperson licensing exam is also taken there. You will be required to pass the state exam at maximum, 3 years after completing the pre-licensing course. It’s important you do not miss the deadline, or you will have to take your course work again. 

There are 5 exam locations: 

  • Little Rock, AR 
  • Springdale, AR 
  • Texarkana, AR 
  • Shreveport, LA 
  • Memphis, TN 


Note: AREC will accept applications in advance of your completion of the 60-hour pre-licensing course, but you will be required to submit evidence of completion of the pre-licensing course before receiving eligibility to take the state exam.  


How Do I Submit My Arkansas Salesperson Application?

After passing the exam, you must send the proper forms and fees to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission not later than 90 days after passing the exam. The criminal background check reports must be received by AREC before they will issue a license. More information can be found on AREC's website. There are some additional requirements. 

They include: 

  • A fully completed application  
  • A completed fingerprint card


How Do I Submit My Fingerprints for The Background Check?

As an applicant for your real estate salesperson license, you must complete both a state and federal criminal background check. The federal criminal background check requires applicants to provide fingerprints on fingerprint cards provided by AREC and this requirement applies to both resident and nonresident applicants. 

The Arkansas State Police conduct the criminal background check, including the FBI check, which requires the taking of fingerprints, then submits the report to the Commission. 


Does Arkansas Require Post-Licensing Education?

The Post-License Real Estate Course required by the AREC is a comprehensive practical application of the pre-license principles of real estate to the real estate marketing industry. 

The Post-License Real Estate education requires 18 classroom hours and must be taken by the end of the month six 6 months after the date the individual was initially licensed.  

Note: It is important you take the course so your license can be issued as active. 


Arkansas Real Estate License Renewal  

Arkansas real estate licenses are good for 1 year. Renewal fees will run you $80 annually.  


Special Considerations

Obtaining Certificate of Course Completion: Upon completion of the course, you will be provided an electronic certificate of completion which can be found in the “my courses” tab in your student portal. Next to each completed course you will find an icon for the course completion certificate.  
You will be required to submit your certificate of completion with your license request, please refer to your license application to determine if this is necessary. 
Arkansas Real Estate Commission 
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