04/14/2022 - California

How Hard Is a Real Estate Agent’s Job?

Written by Tessa Sims

If you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a real estate agent and what to expect from the industry, this article answers that question. It can be beneficial if you are considering entering the industry or just contemplating getting your real estate license. 

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Most people want to be their own boss, become financially independent, and live life on their own terms. Wanting to be a real estate agent is no different. However, becoming a successful real estate agent comes with many challenges.  

You must want it, know your BIG WHY, and dedicate your time and effort to your career. While you may hear so many stories about how easy it is or how much money you can make, many people feel deterred from pursuing this career choice. It takes hard work, tenacity, dedication, and perseverance.  

Studying for the Real Estate License 

How difficult is it to pass the real estate license exam? The first thing you need to do is figure out when you plan to take it and what state you will be taking it in. If you are in a state that charges you for a license fee, figure that into your budget. Additionally, you need to complete a background check and meet the minimum age requirements. 

Then, you need to decide if you want to take classes online, live online or in person. Some states require that you complete classes in person, while others may only require them to be completed by a specific date. 

Each state also has different requirements for how many educational hours you need to complete. Some states require as few as 40 classroom hours, while others require up to 165. After you pass the real estate exam, you must work under a licensed broker for two years before working by yourself. This period gives you the chance to gain practical experience and gain further education for your career as a real estate agent.  

Your First Real Estate Agent Job 

You can work at any brokerage you choose, but most new agents get hired by a smaller boutique firm or a local mom-and-pop brokerage rather than a large national brand. It is easier to get the training and support you need early on in your career at these firms. 

During your first month as a new agent, you will be learning a lot about the industry, your office, and the paperwork involved with real estate transactions. It may seem overwhelming at times, but that is why you have people around you to help answer questions and explain things more clearly.  

Once you are with a broker, it is time to start working on getting clients and selling houses. You can do this by doing open houses for the broker, getting referrals from friends and family, or even trying to contact former colleagues from previous jobs. 

Your first deals will be some of the most challenging and time-consuming you will ever have in real estate, so be patient and do not get discouraged. The process gets easier over time! 

Growing Your Real Estate Career 

Real estate agents are, by nature, agents of change. They are constantly moving and adapting. The most successful ones move from one market to the next, from one neighborhood to another, and from one listing to another. The average real estate agent makes $105,995 annually. 

Luckily, you can do the same. If you are going to be a real estate agent for the long haul, you need to be willing to keep growing and changing your business model as new opportunities arise. The longer you stay in one market, the more likely it is that someone else will come along and take your business away from you. 

Many realtors only have a vague idea of the market for their area, so it is essential to research the local area before you make any moves. If you are in a city or town with a high market value, you should be able to sell houses there no matter what happens to the rest of the country. But if you are in an area where homes were worth less than ten years ago, you need to adapt your strategies accordingly. 

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, there are many reasons to become a real estate agent. Nonetheless, you must be willing to put in the time and effort required to stay marketable. With the proper training and time investment, you can build a strong career that will last for many years. 

Every successful real estate agent has encountered unique problems and solved them by making new connections and thinking outside the box. There is no shortcut to success here, as there is only dedication and hard work. 

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