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Fast Track your way to a Michigan Real Estate License

Embrace your inner-independent student by learning at your own pace and schedule, with our flagship online real estate program we call Fast Track. 

The Advantage

Suitable for individuals with a preferred reading-writing style, this all-online program gives you immediate access to the 40 hours of Michigan pre-licensing education required to take the state license exam, right at your fingertips. You can complete this coursework at your own pace , you are both the student and the teacher.

What's included?


Price: $199

Everything you need to pass the real estate license exam and more:

    Student Orientation and Private Facebook Forum

    One 40 Hour LARA Approved Course

  • Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals v3.0
  • Course follows a linear format
  • Physical textbooks may be purchased separately
  • Lesson Overview Videos

    Online Unit Quizzes

  • Open Book
  • Pass with a Score of 70% or Higher
  • Results Display Correct/Incorrect Answers
  • Print Quizzes as a Study Tool

    Online Final Exams

  • Open Book
  • Glossary and Answer Key Addendums
  • Pass with a Score of 70% or Higher

    FREE 1-Day Prep Course for the Michigan State Exam

  • 700+ Practice Questions
  • UNLIMITED Access to Weekly Live Prep Classes

Your Student Portal

Your student portal is your home for all the resources you will need throughout your real estate journey. We want to make sure our learning system is as smooth and efficient for you as possible.

Getting STarted

Here you will find your Student Orientation and an invite to join our private Facebook Group.


An overview of your enrolled courses where you can review quiz results, access and print completion certificates.


Access enrolled and additional course options here where you will view your online textbooks, required course work with online quizzes and final exams.


Offers full access to Interactive Webinars held Saturday mornings, current and past webinar recordings, and sales training videos. This feature is available to Group Study students only.


View all upcoming Group Study and 1-Day Prep Course locations, dates, and times. RSVP for 1-Day Prep attendance when it comes time to taking the state exam. Let us know if you'd like to "Be Our Guest to any of our Group Study In-Class and/or Interactive Webinars.

DRE Application

Once you’ve completed your required courses this resource walks you through all your next steps for applying to the State of California for your salesperson license.


Reach out via email or chat if you need additional assistance in navigating your student portal. Locate FAQs here.


Your personal information, scheduled orders, payment plans and billing can be found here.

This could be your Virtual Classroom, let's get started!

Become Licensed in 100 DAYS!

Complete your Pre-License Education


The State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) requires that you are at least 18 years of age, a US citizen or permanent resident alien and show proof of high school graduation or equivalent. You are required to take 40 hours of Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals of which 4 hours must be on civil rights education before you can sit for your licensing exam. You may complete the 40 hours in a live classroom setting or online. There are advantages to both.

Agent Real Estate Schools courses are approved by the The State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) as home study/online courses – not live courses. Our Group Study course is optional and not required to pass the course. They include the benefits of “non-mandatory” group coaching sessions to informally review previously submitted homework assignments and to answer general questions related to the online course content. 

Whether you are ready to start your career in residential or commercial real estate sales, it all starts with the same real estate salesperson's licensing process. 

Course Description

Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals v3.0

Textbook: PRINCIPLES OF REAL ESTATE PRACTICE IN MICHIGAN Stephen Mettling, David Cusic, Ben C. Scheible
Description: Getting Started in Real Estate Ethics and Fair Housing Mandatory Disclosures Prospecting Listing Presentations Servicing the Listing Advertising The Buyer and the Property Showing Obtaining the Purchase Offer From Offer to Closing Real Estate Financing Escrow and Title Insurance Taxation Property Management and Leasing Glossary IndexPrinciples of Real Estate Practice in Michigan contains the essentials of the national and Michigan real estate law, principles, and practices necessary for basic competence as a real estate professional and as mandated by Michigan license law. It is based on our highly successful and popular national publication, Principles of Real Estate Practice, which is in use in real estate schools nationwide.

How It works

After confirmation of enrolling, you will need to complete a quick online Student Orientation to officially welcome you to your program. You will then be able to view structured quizzes that pertain to the lessons in your textbooks as well as your overall progress throughout each course. 


Group Study is designed to be a freeform progressive course which allows you to drop-in and get started on your coursework at any time in the 8-week cycle. All the content is taught independent of each other, for example, if you start your 8-week cycle at the end of Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals v3.0, you will complete your coursework cycle at the beginning of Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals v3.0Each student will be on their own Group Study schedule. 


Note: LARA requires a minimum of 40 Hours of clock time to complete all coursework including your final exam. 



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What if I’m ready to enroll?

If you’re ready for us, then we’re ready for you! You can always come back to attend Career Day in the future. For right now, let’s get you started with onboarding and put you on your way to success.

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