Michigan Enrollment Application 


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Enrollment Date: Last Four of your SS#   


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Course Schedule (day/time of week class meets): Courses are online, so scheduling is continuous in nature (24/7/365). Students can enroll and complete the course at times most convenient for them. 


Entrance Requirements 

The KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. practices open enrollment. Students are notified through the company’s terms and conditions, at the time of purchase, that there may be other/additional requirements students will need to meet in order to apply for licensure with the state. 


Course Cost 

Standard Course Tuition Price*.................................................$499 

*The KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. reserves the right to adjust the course cost at any time before purchase. 


Payment Plan 

First Payment: Due Today 46% 

Second Payment: Due 30 days from first payment 27% 

Third Payment: Due 30 days from second payment 27% 

Total: 100% 


The following terms and conditions apply to payment plans. The customer agrees: 

  1. That KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. is authorized to charge my credit card for the payments due on my account as the payments become due (in 30-day intervals); 

  1. That KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. is entitled to suspend my course in the event that I miss a payment for any reason and that the account will stay suspended until any past due payment(s) are received; 

  1. That I am not entitled to receive my Certificate of Completion for the course until KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. has been paid in full for the course; and 

That KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. is entitled to charge my credit card a processing fee of 2% per payment made under the Payment Plan. Under no circumstances am I entitled to a refund of any processing Fees paid. 


Cancellation and Refund Policy 

The KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. is committed to student satisfaction. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, The KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. will refund the purchase of any course(s), as long as the request for the refund is submitted in writing before the course expires, within 30 days of purchase, and the course(s) is not more than 50% completed. Please contact our office at 858-329-0999. Unless students are utilizing The KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. payment plan, the course must be paid in full prior to 

completion of the course.  


  1. Students are requested to notify the Director or designated school official if they are withdrawing from the school. Students are encouraged but not required, to request withdrawal in writing. 

  1. All refunds due will be paid within 30 days of the student’s written request for cancellation. 

  1. If a student is not accepted by the school, a full refund will be issued. 

  1. The school will provide a full refund if education service is discontinued by the school, except if the school ceases operation. 


Expiration Date of Course 

The KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. pre-licensing course in Michigan will expire 12 months after the date of purchase. The student will be granted one 30-day extension at no charge. The KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. will charge the student $70.00 per course for additional 12-month extensions. If the student has not completed the course within 12 months of enrollment, The KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. will allow students to purchase a new course at a 50% discount from the current retail price of the new course. Each individual course will have an expiration date listed in the student's account. 


Job Placement and Assistance 

KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. does assist students with scheduling interview appointments with a Keller Williams brokerage of your choice. KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. does not guarantee job placement or salary amounts upon completion of this program. 


Program Completion Disclosure 

28% of students have completed our course program in the past calendar year. 



I have received a current copy of the KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. terms and conditions. I have read the requirements and policies stated for entrance, grading, attendance, conduct, leave of absence, withdrawal and completion. I have also read, received and agree to this Enrollment Agreement. As a condition of acceptance, I agree to adhere to and abide by these requirements and policies with the knowledge that KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. has the right to withdraw me from the program if I do not meet course requirements, standards of academic progress, or abide by the student conduct policy. 

Student is advised to print and keep copies of the following: A) this Enrollment Agreement; B) the terms and conditions of purchasing this course. 

This agreement is not valid until acceptance by the student. Student's acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement is electronic by: A) student checking the box next to the "Check this box to accept our terms and conditions"; and B) clicking "Submit Order" on the course check out page. 


The KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. is considered to have signed this Enrollment Agreement upon the student’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement. A signed copy of the fully executed enrollment agreement will be emailed to the student with the course purchase receipt. This contract may only be changed with the written consent of both the Student and an Authorized School Official. 



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