12/21/2022 - California

The Fastest Way to Get Your Real Estate License in California

Written by Tessa Sims

If you’re excited to start your new career as a real estate agent and don’t want to wait to get your license, you may be wondering what the fastest way is to get your real estate license in California.

Here’s The Fastest Way to Get Your Real Estate License in California

First, it’s important to note that there is a minimum time requirement for real estate schooling in California. All students are required to spend at least 54 days in an accredited real estate program, according to the California Department of Real Estate (DRE).

This means that no matter what, you will need to have at least two months of real estate education under your belt before you can apply for the real estate exam. In California, you are required to spend 18 days on each of the following courses:

One way to optimize your time and potentially speed up the process is to take our Pre-Licensing Boot Camp. By taking enrolling in this program, you will be able to complete 54 days of coursework in just 3 days. Our instructor-led Boot Camp is an in-person course where you will complete your quizzes and final exam all with the support of fellow students and an instructor.

By dedicating yourself to studying and completing each course in 18 days, you can move through the program quickly and efficiently. However, it’s important to note that rushing through the material may not be the best approach. Skimming over important information and forgetting terminology can lead to having to retake tests and quizzes, which can ultimately prolong the process and make it more difficult to build a successful real estate career.

The Fastest Way to Apply for Your Real Estate License in California

Once you have completed the required courses, the next step is to apply for the real estate exam. To do this, you will need to fill out the RE Form 435, which is a joint real estate exam and real estate license application form. You will need to wait for your form to be approved by the DRE, which can take anywhere from three to six months.

To potentially speed up this process, you can apply for the exam online using the DRE’s eLicensing portal. This can be faster than using the postal service to send in your application. 

What Should You Do While Waiting to Take Your Real Estate Exam?

While you are waiting to take the Real Estate Exam, it is important to study and prepare to pass the exam on the first attempt. Failing the exam will require you to schedule another exam date, which can add additional time to the process of obtaining your real estate license. We offer a Study Plan Meet-Up for our students preparing to take their exam. During this virtual meet-up we develop a study plan in preparation or your real state licensing state exam, complete with study tips!

Once you pass the state exam, the Department of Real Estate (DRE) will mail your real estate license to the designated mailing address you provided. Once you receive your license, the final step is to sign with a real estate brokerage of your choice and begin your career as a licensed real estate agent.

Final Thought

In California, it is possible to obtain your real estate license in less than one year from the time you enroll in a real estate school ghostwriter wien. This is a relatively fast process compared to many other careers.

While some people may be tempted to rush through their real estate education to obtain their license as quickly as possible, it is important to remember that the purpose of real estate school is to provide you with the education and training necessary to succeed in this career ghostwriter österreich. Skipping important lessons or rushing through the material may cause you to miss important information and potentially harm your ability to pass the state exam and begin your career as a licensed real estate agent.

Kickstarting Your Real Estate Agent Journey  

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  • Fast-Track Course: Participants in our Fast Track Course self-pace and study in their own time. They can complete all their real estate coursework online and in a matter of weeks. This package includes a live online 1-Day Prep six-hour review class led by a live instructor to prepare them for their state exam date. 
  • Bootcamp: Our boot camp course is designed for students who want to complete their real estate license education quickly powerpoint präsentation erstellen lassenThis in-person class will help you complete all your course work and final exams in 3 days with a live instructor. The instructor helps prepare students for the California Real Estate Exam by providing a comprehensive review of real estate principles, practice, law, key word terms, and concepts covered on the test. 
  • Group Study Program: Our group study courses are live online classes bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen erfahrung. Classes run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings; you only need to attend once a week so choose the time that works best for your schedule. 

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